International Labor Standards Trainer Certified


I was recently endorsed by PhilExport through the Employer’s Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) to attend a training in Bangkok, Thailand last 10 to 14 of September. Together with representatives from Thailand, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines we learned about Responsible Business Conduct. Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) concerns the process of implementing international labor standards which are critical to the globalization of Multi-National Enterprises (MNEs). A strong RBC culture allows for MNEs to sustainably expand their operations into other countries. RBC likewise applies to companies who desire to be compliant with the more stringent standards of MNEs or who have existing MNE clientele who include on their service contracts stipulations to be comply with Labor Standards.

The training itself was lively with much input from the participants. The structure of the training was a trainer of trainers. This means that each of the attendees is required to train enterprises back where they are from in Responsible Business Conduct. I am slated to deliver such training in Iloilo and Davao on the 15th – 16th of October and the 18th to 19th of October respectively. But first, off to Vietnam!

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